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  • What do i do i thought i went about it right he was going to be 18 in a mouth he said so i asked for the consent am i wrong?

    Im 25 years old and a 17 year old that said he was 18 asked me for sex and sent me pictures and i sent pictures back. He told me he was going to be 18 next month so i thought that as long as i have his written consent thought a text message that i...

    Rixon’s Answer

    You have gone online and didn't minute to participating in criminal acts, in a public forum that can be traced to you and used against you. Stay off-line and make no further statements against interest.

    Not speak to POLICE until you have first spoken face-to-face in a confidential setting with a criminal defense attorney.

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  • Should I be laid off due to my job laying off a guy that harass me during lunch?

    I was harass by one of my coworkers during lunch. I told safety coordinator and the guy was escorted off the job. The next day I was told they were laying off people and i got laid off. The next day my sister who works at the same job told me they...

    Rixon’s Answer

    In an at will employment state, or an at will employment situation, and employer may terminate an employee for any reason at all, or no reason at absent union protections, a written employment contract, or illegal discrimination against a protected class of persons.

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  • Is taking a picture inside of a mental center/doctors office against the law?

    This person took a picture of me without my consent in a doctors office. I was told by someone that the picture taken was a felony because of where the picture was taken. Is this true and is there any law broken in this?

    Rixon’s Answer

    A felony for taking a picture in an office ? That's a new one. No crime on any facts posted here.

    Perhaps a picture in an examining room, where there was an expectation of privacy, but a picture in a "office" is not a crime and is unlikely to even be actionable in civil court absent damages.

    That said, I am not a Michigan attorney and I advise you to chat with one about the situation in order to determine whether under your state laws some statute has been offended – – though I doubt it.

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  • Which is better, LLC or Corp

    We are ready to open a shop where we will be selling merchandise that will be used to play in the shop as well as other places. Would a LLC or Corp would be better?

    Rixon’s Answer

    Kind of like asking whether a pick-up truck or a sedan is "better".

    The answer is 'it depends'.

    Depends on the goals and objectives of your organization, financials, tax situations, personal goals, the product, etc. The answer is highly personalized and unique to each situation.

    See a business law attorney in your area.

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  • What can I do , can a lawyer help me out.I feel I was not treated fair. Because I'm a new employee.

    I have a problem with a co worker, I am harassed to quit my job that is how I feel. And they are days , I want too. I have reported the situations, to the secretary that she spoke to our supervisor. I was told to stay away from her as much as poss...

    Rixon’s Answer

    You can certainly see an employment law attorney in your state. That you should do.

    You posted nothing here that indicates you have any legal case--mostly because you gave no facts or circumstances, only conclusions --which is fine, details may be best left for a discussion with the attorney.

    As a practical matter, the situation you describe: a new employee is immediately embroiled in personality conflicts with other workers and supervisors, has a common trajectory--and often results in unemployment.

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  • What should I do? Can a lawyer do this on his/her own?

    Hired a lawyer to help in a child support case. I've been to court over and over alone and I've been to every court date. He has not. I finally hire a lawyer. Still have court dates over months. I was not able to attend with my lawyer to the court...

    Rixon’s Answer

    The only person with whom you should discuss your tactics and options is your lawyer.

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  • What can I do to get info about my son's car and to provide restoration and resolution for fine, fees and unreturned product?

    I was recently engaged to a guy whom I thought was a good person. Within the year of us being together I discovered that not only was that a lie but he was a liar as well. He has sold a vehicle that was registered to me and I did not sign the titl...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Report thefts to police immediately.

    You may need to sue your fiancée for the fees and take legal steps to recover your car from whoever purchased it.

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  • What to do

    ok Like Ive said before ,the attorney handling my 2nd accident has offered two settlements which I refused and it took almost two yrs for that,now we are in a lawsuit I guess attorney has said nothing basically.Ive tried to contact him in emails &...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Third car accident in two years? Sure you can hire a new lawyer--that is entirely up to you. May or may not be the economical thing to do, may or may not be a smart legal move.

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  • Why do you charge a fee depending on how well You help me? Any lawyer I've dealt with gives free consultations. Why do u charge?

    I moved around and finally found my paperwork from when I bit on a medal rod from eating Kellogg's Raisin Bran back in February 2014. I have all the paperwork they sent me but never seemed legal advice. Could you help?

    Rixon’s Answer

    Solictations are not allowed on this site--its unethical. No attorney will contact you.

    You will need to contact attorneys directly yourself, set up appointment, and see if they will take your case.

    Not all attorneys give free consultations--most do not. Not sure who you mean by "you' and your references to charging fees.

    General rule of thumb: no damages = no suit.

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  • How to find an attorney who is willing to take on my case and let me do a payment plan or have abusive husband and his Aunt pay.

    I'm in an abusive marriage. Verbal, physical, emotional, and financial abuse. I want to file for divorce but have no money to hire an attorney. I am willing to set up some kind of payment plan. We own a business together which he claims he owns al...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Terrible existence. You are making a smart move.

    Have you contacted legal aid in your area?

    You can use the find a lawyer tab at the top of this page or you can call your state or county bar association to request a referral.

    Attorneys are not allowed to contact you directly.

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