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  • Maryland Divorce - Attorney or Online Divorce Service

    Asked by a user in Bethesda, MD - about 6 years ago.

    Onliine services are good for ordering pizzas. But I wouldn't want to do an appendectomy or brain surgery by following online instructions. Washington state just shut down and online divorce...

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  • My husband told me he was leaving me and packed clothes yesterday and left. He is employed with NSA with Top Secret Clearance. H

    Asked by a user in Baltimore, MD - almost 2 years ago.

    Unless you agree otherwise you do not waive any grounds for divorce. Once an agreement is reached on all issues in a divorce, however, there is usually no reason to proceed on fault grounds, and...

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  • Where should I file for divorce, DC or Maryland?

    Asked by a user in Rockville, MD - over 4 years ago.

    You file for divorce where you live, not where you were married. But Maryland has a one year residency requirement unless the grounds for divorce occurred in Maryland. DC has a six month residency...

  • Can me and my husband live in the same home while we are seperated ?

    Asked by a user in Bryans Road, MD - almost 5 years ago.

    If you are filing for divorce under the no-fault grounds of one year voluntary or two year's involuntary separation, Maryland law requires that you reside under "separate roofs", that is not in the...

  • About residence

    Asked by a user in Bel Air, MD - about 5 years ago.

    It is a physical separation, which is one of the grounds for filing a divorce in Maryland. And there is nothing illegal about it. So in that sense it is a legal separation. There is also a legal...

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  • How do I go about getting my part of my ex-husbands retirement.

    Asked by a user in Suitland, MD - about 5 years ago.

    You have to ask the court to issue a special order, for example, 401k Pension Plans are divided by a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO").

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  • Can I buy a house?

    Asked by a user in Columbia, MD - over 5 years ago.

    While the court can take into consideration the whether assets were acquired before or after separation, a new house is marital property if purchased during the marriage. You can, however, have a...

  • Is it possible to request alimony, spousal support after being divorced for over 5 years

    Asked by a user in Cockeysville, MD - almost 6 years ago.

    If you don't ask for alimony at the divorce hearing, you cannot get it later.

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  • MD family law, divorce law, pro se

    Asked by a user in Williamsport, MD - about 6 years ago.

    it seems as though your divorce case is not going to be a simple one, especially if you have disputes over grounds for divorce, the children, support and a pension. I would recommend that you see a...

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  • Legal Separation

    Asked by a user in Lanham, MD - over 6 years ago.

    Separation is used in three different contexts in Maryland. (1) Physical separation is grounds for divorce but it has to be under separate roofs. There are other grounds, such as cruelty or...

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