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  1. Determining jurisdiction of lawsuit for an accident that happened in VA, at fault driver is from TN we are from TX

    Answered over 6 years ago.

    1. Richard L Jaklitsch
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    You can file suit in the state where the crash occurred(VA); where the other driver either lives, works or owns any property; where the owner of the tractor does business or owns property; or where the owner of the trailer owns property or conducts business. The 1 state where you will have jurisdiction over all possible defendants is the site of the crash, which is Virginia. Filing suit in Virginia, if you can't get fair treatment from the defendant's insurance company, will also make it easy...

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  2. Reimbursement for hospital & on-going medical? send demand letter first? civil suit? wait for trial & judgement? am prosecuting

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. William Bennett Eadie
    2. Richard L Jaklitsch
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    Why in the world would you try to handle this case without the help of an outstanding lawyer who handles these types of case for a living? Please, today, call a local lawyer to make an appointment. It will be very easy to find an excellent lawyer who will not charge you a nickel for that initial consultation, and who will probably give you free advise if he done not take the case.

  3. Why do I need an attorney?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Marie D. Lang
    2. Lars A. Lundeen
    3. Richard L Jaklitsch
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    You can do it yourself, but I will bet you the results you get will be nowhere near as favorable as the results from a lawyer who handles nothing but car crash cases. First of all, you have no leverage with the carrier. If you don't take the offer, your option is to file suit. You will need a lawyer for that and the carrier knows that. Allstate used to brag that they could settle a car crash case with an unrepresented person for 1/11 of what they paid people with the same injuries that had...

  4. Friend committed hit and run in a car i sold he had not changed over to him i thought he had what do i do

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Nima Taradji
    2. Richard L Jaklitsch
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    Contact your insurance company. They will protect you and not charge you. Even if they have to assign a lawyer to defend you, that lawyer is free. You can't be held legally responsible for the actions of that driver, unless he was your agent. Under the facts you gave, he wasn't your agent-- he was not doing anything that would have benefitted you. So, don't worry, and just turn this over to your insurance carrier.

  5. My attorney has failed to settle a no fault accident that my daughter was in 2 years ago. what can i do?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Glen Edward Ashman
    2. L. Ty Wilson
    3. Houston Dillard Smith III
    4. Sam Louis Levine
    5. Charles Michael Morris
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    Go talk to your lawyer. You hired him because you trusted him to help you more than anyone else in the world could help you. So, trust him now as long as he is still deserving your trust. You won't know unless you go talk to him face to face. Call today and schedule an appointment. Block off 1 hour of his time. He will give you and your case his undivided attention. Ask him what is taking this long. Talk to him frankly about your concerns. After that meeting, decide if he is the lawyer...

  6. Do i need an attorney for car accident

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Lars A. Lundeen
    2. Richard L Jaklitsch
    3. George Pittman Patterson
    4. Richard Alan Simmons
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    Yes. You need a lawyer who hanles nothing other than car accidents. The lawyer will get you to a quality doctor, handle your property damage, get you in a rental car and get that paid. He can nail down witnesses, take property damage photos and make sure the defendant can't weasel out of being found at fault if the case has to go to trial. Better yet, he won't charge you a nickel for doing any of that. That is all included in his services. He will then organize your personal injury case,...