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Susan Leslie Fraser

Susan Fraser’s Legal Guides

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  • How could I be thinking about divorce in Virginia?

    If you are reading this, despite all of your hopes and dreams to the contrary, your 'happily-ever-after' has turned out to be more of a nightmare and you as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia need some advice. You are perhaps dreading coming home from work, dreading the re...

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  • What To Do About Divorce in Virginia once you're past Marital Counseling

    If you're past the marriage counselor recommendation, then you next need to begin to gather your evidence as to marital assets and debts.Bothparties have a right to equal access to financial marital information such as bank accounts, tax returns, history and evidence of major pur...

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  • Holographic Wills for Virginians

    PLEASE NOTE: these recommendations are good ONLY for people who live in Virginia! In the Commonwealth of Virginia, citizens are permitted to create their own handwritten wills that can be accepted by the Probate division of the Circuit Court of the County in which you reside....

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