In 2011, I got deported because of Glendia Scott (Rise) Mondesir - that describes it all !!! She would accept your calls or answer emails up until you pay the retainer fees, after that the difficulty of getting in touch with this so called lawyer will increase to the level of getting in touch with the president. She showed up at the court hearing, but she did not have a clue what to do or what to say to the judge. Judge and others in court room were laughing at what she was saying and how she was handling everything. Most importantly my life was destroyed !!! After that hearing I had to spend 9 freaking month in shitty ICE prisons before they finally sent me home. The fact that she has so many names she goes by, should be the first signal to stay away from her. Scam artists use different names all the time. It seem like that her practice is based on simply getting down payments on full retainer and then she looses interest and concentrates her attention to new client! Very Unprofessional!!! Stay away!