Hi I'm a past client of Susan Over. First this lawyer is not worth the time of day to handle any case. What ever it is. My divorce was a total mess due to the lack of misguided information from her. Lies and information she stated of what she will do in my case. My case is and all will be an injustice and a crime to me along with the judge's verdict in Wilmington Delaware Family Court. She was mention to me by another client of hers. Then as my court case came to be the lady told me she was misguided and was very sorry she ever told me to use her as my lawyer. I'm now still upset to this day. Going on five years now. Now with all the depression and the medications I take I'm finally out of my Post Traumatic Shock and looking back I should of never used her for my lawyer. I hope this gets posted so no else will be a victim of injustice like me.