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Francis E. Farren, Esq.

Francis Farren, Esq.’s client reviews

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  • The worst

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    This man should of never passed the bar and I question who licensed him. I don't wanna get too specific on my case but he will not fight for you he will suggest a plea deal that 90% of the time the judge will not honor and neither will the prosecutor which means he is not respected. Anytime I went for a meeting with this man he had nothing to say wouldn't know who I was and I paid him thousands of dollars and you don't even know my name or my case and would cut me off or ignore me anytime I would talk do not hire this guy he's more than likely never seen a trial and is only focused on getting you a plea

  • Psuedolawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    His advertisement stated that he would fight for you, although I was being told that I would have jail time before I had my preliminary. He offered to me a program in which he had no concrete knowledge about. As promised, I was to serve one week in jail and would be released into a work program, allowing me to return to my job. He described the prison as a nice place! He first sent in my paperwork for approval of this program to the wrong email address, if I did not call him and inquire about it, it would have not been sent to the right department. After alerting him to this matter he then emailed the paperwork to the right department, but the paperwork was blank. Consequently, I ended up staying in jail 6 days longer than I was told. I had my family calling him while I was in prison and He just gave them the brush off, then stopped answering completely. I felt as though I was not a priority when speaking to him, getting rushed along. For these reasons, I am deeply concerned for anyone else that may find themselves in this same situation, and would not wish on anyone the anxiety and injustice I went through.

  • First Impressions are everything.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Tiff

    I generally do not write reviews online but I'm sure that anyone who gets a DUI is scared and will do what I did and Google and attorney and select Mr. Farren based on the reviews that are listed online. Although Mr. Farren represented my boyfriend I was extremely hands on with in this process. During our initial meeting with Mr. Farren I had a bad feeling about him because I had done my research on what the mandatory consequences for a 2nd DUI in Delaware were. Mr. Farren lied right to my face and said that he could get us "plea" for 60 days in jail with a release in 7 days. However that is the mandatory sentence I should have walked out then. Mr. Farren attended 2 DMV hearings and for both hearings he was an hour late and I had to contact him to see if he was coming. During the 1st court date Mr. Farren was 1 1/2 late and I contacted him while waiting in the court house. His response when asked where was he at was "why do you have a phone in the court house" I heard Mr. Farren tell the prosecutor that he was not going to pursue the medical defense that was significant to the case and when I asked him about it he brushed the question off. The last event was the trial date when Farren also showed 1 1/2 hour late. It appears that the other attorneys and prosecutors do not like Mr. Farren because they shot down everything he was saying which presented my boyfriend's case from being thrown out even though the cop did not show up.

    After paying Mr. Farren $2,000 my boyfriend received the maximum consequence that Mr. Farren continued to refer to as a plea. My boyfriend is full time employed and I witnessed accommodations made for those in worst cases( as they discuss everyone's case openly in the court room). My dissatisfaction lies in the lack of communication, disregard for scheduled appearances and meetings.

    My boyfriend and I knew that there was going to consequences for his DUI and even jail time however Mr. Farren made us believe that he would fight for our case. I mean gosh the cop didn't show up A PUBLIC DEFENDER could have gotten that thrown out.

    I do have a few positive things to say bout this experience. Mr. Farren did allow us to make weekly payments until the balance was paid off. He did make a request for my boyfriend to be released after serving days. However he failed to inform me of the process that MUST be completed prior to his release. If I wouldnt have contacted my own resources I would have never been informed of the process. When I contacted Mr. Farren to confirm the information I obtained his response was " I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY GET OUT OF JAIL"

    This is not the attorney to use if you are looking for someone who is going to be decrease your anxiety about the situation.

    Sorry for the super long review but I do not want anyone to make the same bad decision that my boyfriend and I did. If you do meet with him FOLLOW YOUR GUT! There were signs early on that I disregarded.

  • Very professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charlie

    Counselor Farren is very savvy and aggresivley pursues solutions, which is what I have experienced first hand. His ability to think out of the box, adapt and pursue solutions for a variety of potential scenarios, while keeping you constantly informed, is outstanding. I highly recommend him, as I have used his services for 4 trials over the years.