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  1. I am terminally ill and have a personal injury lawsuit pending. I am creating a will, do I include this potential settlement in

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    This question is best posed for the Attorney drafting your Will.

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  2. Rear ended a car when i had an Expired license but had current insurance

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    These types of questions should be addressed with State Farm Insurance Company or, the attorney that State Farm Insurance Company provides for you to defend you in these claims. Should State Farm Insurance Company refuse to indemnify you then, you should contact an attorney immediately.

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  3. If a police report states the opposite party's liability in an incident, what is the usual time frame for a settlement?

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    The other insurance company is in no rush to address your claim. On the other hand, your insurance company, has a fiduciary duty to address your needs provided that you have the appropriate coverage. Your insurance company should be your first call provided that you do not hire an attorney. Please note that you should always consult with an attorney to outline your options. The consult is free so, why not? Much like sustaining a knee injury, you consult with a doctor to create a care path...

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