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$75,000.00 Lump Sum - Hand and Wrist Injury

Case Conclusion Date: 01.24.2011

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Outcome: $75,000.00 lump sum to client, plus our costs

Description: Client had hand and wrist injury. Injury was already a full year in the past when the client came to us. She had been months without any treatment and had never pursued her workers' compensation rights. A surgeon involved in her early care had not documented the problem as work related, and there was no specific work injury, but rather her pain and injury were caused by the effects of her work activities day after day, including repetitive forceful gripping activity in her job through the last day she worked. The insurance company had no interest in settlement, but when we had completed presenting our evidence and even filed a brief with our arguments to the Judge, they had no choice but to recognize the strength of our case. We reached a very good deal and our clien recovered a very good sum without needing to wait additional months for a Judge's decision.

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