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$143,750.00 for Sprain/Strain Injuries to Back and Knee

Case Conclusion Date: 02.10.2011

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Outcome: $143,750.00 lump sum settlement, plus payment of our costs

Description: Client strained his back and right knee at work. The employer and its pet doctors insisted he remain at work in a "light duty" job that had little purpose other than to add to his discomfort and make him feel humiliated, since he was doing nothing and made to feel he was just in the way. We helped him get the medical support to escape the daily "walk of shame" of light duty and to better evaluate his injuries. As happens in many cases, the company doctors were understating his injuries. We first got the client established on benefits under terms that did not require withholding of any attorney fee from his workers compensation checks. We then pushed to expand the description of injury, which we used as leverage to settle his claim for a large lump sum once the client was satisfied he had a proper plan for his future, to be sure he has access to the treatment he needs while moving on from his work injury.

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