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Joel Bernard Bernbaum

Joel Bernbaum’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Sadly I cannot recommend Joel, find another lawyer

    Sadly I had a strongly negative experience with this lawyer.
    He represented me in a custody matter when I lived in another state- I was referred to him by someone from a PA State office. He refused to attend a hearing on my behalf because he had used up my retainer and his office never communicated this to me, not even to ask for more money. I called him several times the week before my hearing, he never returned my call. When I finally got him on the phone through his secretary hours before my hearing, he was not only short with me, he was indignant I hadn't already paid him more money. He said he was sorry he couldn't attend my hearing (as he was legally bound to do as my attorney) but he was too busy, and I hadn't paid him.
    I never reported him to the bar or took any action as due to his INaction, the case was set in Montgomery County (rather than Colorado where we lived surrounded by family) as I had too much on my plate. Due to his action we were legally bound to live far from any family and in Pennsylvania until my son turns 18. It's been 13 years so far.
    I cannot remotely recommend this lawyer due to his execrable behaviour in my name.
    Find someone who can HELP you.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Bob

    He is an embarrassment to the legal profession

    Absolutely terrible. He was totally unprepared for court - Caught him in numerous lies. I hired another attorney after losing a slam-dunk case to review the court records and was immediately told that it was obvious I had a malpractice case. Will be going to the Disciplinary Board to lodge formal complaints before the statute of limitations ends.