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    Posted by Neil

    For those seeking an honest, knowledgeable, hardworking and PATIENT worker's comp. attorney!

    I was injured at work in January of 2008. At first, I thought that my injury would be something that could be fixed by a doctor. I underwent two MRI's and it was determined that I had suffered two herniated cervical discs. In the months that followed, I was under the supervision of the insurance company nurse case worker. I was told to contact her after each and every therapy session, pain management injection, and physician appointment. By mid-October of 2008 I was under enormous stress because I had been sent for so many different diagnostic tests and had undergone so many very painful steroid injections all resulting in little or no relief of my pain and other symptoms. My blood pressure had risen to a dangerous level and my digestive tract was extremely upset by medication and stress. I was showing signs of depression.

    My relationship with my employer had always been good. I had been employed by the same company for over thirty years. I had been injured at work previously, and was always able to be repaired and return to work. But this injury was different. There was no clear cut remedy or surgical procedure that would get me back to the job in a timely manner; if at all. The nurse case worker and I were constantly engaged in verbal argument on the telephone. It became obvious to me that she did not have my best interests at heart. I telephoned my employer and asked if I could be assigned to a different nurse case worker. My employer told me that the matter was out of their hands and my employer actually advised me to start looking for an attorney.

    I noticed an advertisement for a worker's compensation seminar to be held in my local area. The seminar was being conducted by the law firm to which C. Lee Anderson was one of the attorneys, and Mr. Anderson would be speaking about the many different aspects of PA worker's compensation law. I decided to attend so that I could hopefully gain useful knowledge about the process without any obligation. At that seminar, I met Mr. Anderson for the first time. He came across to me as a very knowledgeable attorney who gave a very informative presentation during which he told me things that I did not know, and perhaps more importantly, corrected me about things that I thought I knew but simply were not true.

    I returned home and told my wife about what I had learned at the seminar. I also told her that I liked this attorney Anderson very much because he wasn't afraid to bust some of the myths that are casually tossed around regarding PA worker's compensation law. Mr. Anderson had a quiet sort of "low key" manner of speaking, and his patience was evident to me as I had asked him dozens of questions and posed dozens of different scenarios about my case. He answered each question thoroughly and took as much time as needed to make certain that I understood the answer.

    Still, I investigated other attorneys before I decided to hire C. Lee Anderson in December of 2008. It turned out to be an excellent decision during the over three and one-half years that followed. One of the first things to change was that the nurse caseworker was out of my life for the duration of the case!

    Mr. Anderson guided me through the process and was always available when constantly new questions would arise as the insurance company would use the law to try and protect their client; namely my employer. He explained their options as well as my options. He was by my side during each hearing before a W.C. judge. Behind the scenes, he arranged for the necessary depositions to be taken and he personally conducted the questioning of my physicians and other health care providers.

    He and his staff always answered my emails or telephone calls promptly, and took care of the mountain of paperwork that made up my file and constituted my case until I finally agreed to a fair settlement in July of 2012. I never paid a dime until after settlement!