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Jason S Dunkle

Jason Dunkle’s Legal Guides

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  • Frequently Asked Questions in Penn State Marijuana Possession Cases

    A number of routine questions arise in Penn State and State College marijuana possession cases. Some of those questions are set forth below.

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  • Limitations to the Pennsylvania Expungement

    An expungement is the destruction or removal of criminal records from government databases. There are limitations to the expungement process, so there is no guarantee that an expungement will remove all criminal records from all databases.

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  • Pennsylvania Expungement Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions

    Pennsylvania law defines expungement as the destruction or removal of government records. The purpose of an expungement is to have government records removed from being publicly accessible so that they do not appear on criminal background searches.

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  • Pennsylvania Drug Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

    Delivery of a controlled substance without a license issued by the state of Pennsylvania is a felony charge. It doesn't matter whether the drug is heroin or marijuana, a delivery charge is a felony offense. This guide addresses many of the questions that arise in felony drug delivery cases.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions in Pennsylvania Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault Cases

    Many people have misconceptions about how assault investigations, charges, and prosecutions are handled in Pennsylvania. In this guide, I will try to address many of the most common questions or misconceptions that arise in assault cases.

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  • Centre County DUI Charges - Commonly Asked Questions

    Many people have misunderstandings or misconceptions about the DUI law in Pennsylvania. This guide identifies many of the misconceptions and explains the applicability of the DUI law to the situation.

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