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Brian Christopher Vertz

Brian Vertz’s Legal Guides

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  • Divorce - Your First Legal Stategy Decisions

    You may have had little or no experience with the legal process until divorce. This article discusses the first legal strategy decisions you might have to make.

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  • Top Five Things to Do If You are Separating

    Breaking up is never easy. Here are the top five things you should do when facing marital separation.

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  • Four Most Important Child Support Cases in Pennsylvania Since 2005

    This Guide describes four of the most important court decisions to impact child support in Pennsylvania since 2005.

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  • New Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines (May 2010)

    Calculate The Parents' Net Monthly Incomes The new PA child support guidelines are based on net monthly income after taxes, just like the old guidelines. For parents whose combined net income is more

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  • Once You Pop the Question, How Do You Spring the Prenup?

    Getting engaged is a happy and exciting time, but it can be stressful. How do you raise the subject of prenuptial agreements without creating friction in your relationship? This Guide suggests how.

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  • How Marital Property is Divided In Pennsylvania

    In Pennsylvania, there are three steps to dividing marital property. This Guide explains how marital property is identified, valued and distributed in Pennsylvania divorce proceedings.

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  • A Guide to Child Support in Pennsylvania

    Navigating the Pennsylvania child support laws may be tricky, but this Guide provides the basic roadmap for figuring out who must pay support, how support is calculated, how custody affects child support, and how the courts enforce child support orders.

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