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Gregory F. Suher

Gregory Suher’s client reviews

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  • Highly recommend to everyone!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Greg handled my husband's contempt/custody/child support hearings. He was honest and direct. I am a constant worrier, but once we finished the consult I knew we had nothing to fear. He handled every aspect of these issues with confidence and constant reassurance to our family. The contempt charges were dropped, our kids are in an arrangment now that is safe, and support was a breeze to get through. My husband was able to keep full custody of his kids, and we now have a reliable attorney to handle anything that comes up in the future. If anyone is leaving Greg a negative review they should reassess their situations... No one is a miracle worker. If you are honest and upfront with him, he will do the same for you, period. We have hired 3 attorneys in the past, and there is NO ONE else I will ever use now other than Mr. Suher!

  • Has no opinion or advice

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    My divorce turned sour and criminal and child services became involved. When I was upset and distraught, he was not a guiding hand. He called me back immediately, but there wasn't any advice and no lay down on what the consequences would be when I desired to take a certain action. The police were giving me more advice than my lawyer was.

  • Lawyer with unknown abilities.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Craig

    He never tried to fight for me . All he kepy saying was i can;t win. However when i initially consulted him about my case he gave me the impression that he could help me but after i paid him $650.00 all i heard from him was i couldn't win. Why does anyone need a lawyer if you can't win? What makes it worst is that he didn't even try. i Think he lacks confidence in his abilities or he lacks the knowledge of a good attorney. I felt as though he was on the other side. Maybe he didn't believe i was innocent . he never gave me any representation.

    Gregory F. Suher’s response: “Unfortunately, too many attorney's paint a rosy picture to potential clients in an attempt to get a potential clients money. I feel such practice is unethical. Consequently, I am very upfront with clients on the realistic potential options and consequences of their case. Sometimes, clients do not like to hear the reality of their case when it is negative but a significant majority thank me when their case is completed for telling them "You are paying me to tell you the reality, not what you want to hear....that is the job of your friends, family, etc. I cannot maximize representing your best interests and I am not doing my job if I don't give you both the positive and negative aspects of your case".”