When I was hit with a bogus order of protection and a stay away from my two year old,I was crushed and felt I had nowhere to turn and nobody could help me.From the moment I spoke to Joseph gulino I had a sigh of relief come over me. Just by the way he spoke and the confidence in his voice I somehow knew everything would be ok.my sons mother tried everything in the book to keep me from my boy and Joe was always two steps ahead in thwarting their attempts to keep me from him.Mr.gulino is sharp,attentive and always there to answer a call when youre lost,upset,or confused about what is going on with your case.Having someone you can count on in this world is hard to come by these days and Joe Gulino is spot on when you need him.I am glad to say after a long drawn out battle joe has led me through this ordeal like a true leader and I am happy to say I now get full weekends,weekly visits and vacations with my son and im extremely greatful for the dilligent efforts of this excellent attorney My child support is fair and approximately half of what my sons mother and attorney were demanding.Thank You again Joseph Gulino for a job well done,Anyone who is smart enough to retain your services will wind up on top and justice will be served!