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    Planning for high net worth clients often involves gifts to charities.For clients that are philanthropically inclined, there are tremendous opportunities available before 2013 which will reduce estate and income taxes and benefit their favorite charities at the same time.The fut...

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  • Irrevocable Trusts: One Size does not Fit All

    We know that the current federal gift and estate tax exemption is $5,120,000.In addition, New York State currently has no transfer tax for lifetime gifts.Thanks to the confluence of low income tax and interest rates, there are some unique planning opportunities available to high...

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  • Budget Cuts Placing Seniors in Jeopardy?

    Question: I have heard that the proposed New York State budget changes may place seniors in jeopardy when it comes to qualifying for Medicaid benefits. Can you give me some information about the proposed cut backs and how it may affect seniors like myself? Answer: Currently,...

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  • STAR Exemption Deadline March 11, 2011

    Because the deadline for STAR applications in Suffolk County is March 1, 2011, we think that this is the perfect time to explain the different STAR exemptions that are available to homeowners in New York State. To begin with, STAR is the New York State Tax Relief Program which pr...

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  • 2011 Medicaid Income and Resource Levels Remain the Same

    The income levels and figures for determining Medicaid Eligibility will remain the same for 2011. Social Security and SSI benefits are not set to increase for 2011 and accordingly, medically needy income and resource levels will not increase. Adults who are 65 and older and are...

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  • New Tax Law Attempts to Make Long-Term Care Insurance Affordable

    The government often utilizes tax credits and tax incentives as a way to encourage "good behavior" in the general population. For instance, in the 70's, Congress passed sweeping legislation which encouraged individuals to save for their own retirement by giving tax favor...

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  • What to Do When Your Medicad Coverage is Terminated

    Question: My wife recently suffered a heart attack, underwent a cardiac catheterization and bypass surgery after which he suffered a stroke. After seven days of hospitalization she was transferred to a skilled nursing facility. After less than 30 days of rehabilitation, her Medi...

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  • Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

    While people are aware of the importance of execute a Last Will & Testament, they are often of the mindset that it is something to be done as they get older and as a result it gets put off. For the same reason, the value of a establishing a comprehensive Estate Plan is often ove...

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