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Mediations, Arbitrations, Court Litigation

Practice Area: Business

Outcome: ADR (arbitration and mediation) typically provides businesses with fast, fair, expert, economical justice.

Description: I have handled a wide variety of commercial (business) cases, throughout the B2B arena. I concentrate primarily on ADR -- Alternative Dispute Resolution. Unlike court, where cases are public record, ADR is private, so I cannot divulge specifics regarding cases in which I've either represented parties in arbitration or mediation, or regarding cases in which I've served as neutral impartial arbitrator or mediator. Case outcomes in ADR are at least as reliable as in court due to the stringent screening and training of the neutral arbitrators and mediators; and typically are more streamlined and faster from start to finish; more cost-effective for the parties (businesses); and more final (no lengthy and expensive appeals).

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