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Alexander George Levine

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  • Can I sue my x-husband for moving cost due to him making me be in foreclosure

    My husband stopped paying my support putting me in foreclosure and although I can't sue him for that can I sue him for the cost involved now for having to move such as security deposits,moving trucks etc.

    Alexander’s Answer

    Instead of sueing him you cab bring a violation against him for not paying the support to you (assuming there is an agreement) and then in that same violation you can ask for all if those other costs because they are residual effects of him not paying you.

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  • My wife and I are considering seperating, do I have to keep her on my health insurance?

    She works for a company that provides her insurance, but she gets a $2000 buyout not to take it, so she obviously would like to stay on mine

    Alexander’s Answer

    In the matter of a separation, your spouse will be kept on your insurance policy unless one of two things happen: (1) She agrees in the separation agreement that she will get her own insurance, in your case it would be from her job, or (2) or you get a divorce, where you both sign a DRL 236. The DRL 236 form is the notice to the parties that if their receiving health insurance from eachother it will terminate upon the judgement of divorce being signed.
    In New York State the DRL 236 is required.

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  • Can my boyfriend file for joint custody of his son while he is in jail

    my boyfriend is in jail and is wanting to file for joint custody is there any way he can do so his ex would not let him see his son but he has done everything that she wanted on careing for his son she is now trying to get his rights terminated w...

    Alexander’s Answer

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    He has the right to file for joint custody. It really depends on the reasoning he is incarcerated. If he was charged with a violent offense against the mother of his child, or against the child, then the factors would weigh against him. The amount of time he is spending incarcerated may play a large role as well. He would need to hire a lawyer to go to court

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