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Victor Knapp

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  • What to look for when hiring a lawyer to help with parole hearing? What is included in a parole package? What is the fees range?

    Do that parole lawyer need to look at the inmate case (facts & doc) from the case, indictment, police investigation, plea & sentence mins or just the sentence mins. I have one attorney saying they only need the minitues and another requesting all...

    Victor’s Answer

    Assuming that this is a parole release hearing, as opposed to a parole revocation hearing, I have found it essential to obtain and review the inmate's underlying criminal case including the pre-sentence probation report as well as his complete inmate record ( programs, certifications,disciplinary record, etc.) as well as the minutes of any prior Board appearances. I have found that the results are better when I either personally meet with the client , or , at the very least correspond with him/her to educate them about what factors are the most important and what the Board is looking for.

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