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  • What happens if beneficiary of a trust dies before the age required to receive trust and a clause states an age must be attain

    trust says if beneficiary dies it goes to bene's issue then living. Clause says if bene dies before 35 then trust distributes to settlor's issue then living

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    The terms of the trust goven the rules associated with the funds payable upon the death of a beneficiary prior to their achieving the designated age. In some cases, the trust assets will state that funds go to the issue (children) of the beneficiary and, in other cases, the funds will go to another party. If the trust is not clear, a court can be asked to interpret the grantor's intent as best as may be possible. I hope this helps. If you need further questions answered, consult an attorney and bring in all relevant documents for his or her careful review.

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  • Can NYS Sales Tax Dept garnish the salary of someone who was never involved in a Corporation in any way nor ever worked the biz?

    In 11/2005, I closed an S-Corp, for which I always paid the appropriate taxes and was the sole shareholder, officer and director. The biz got audited and the NYS Sale Tax Dept claims it owes 330k still for a 6 year period. One of which the store w...

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    You are in a "pickle" but it can be solved. In the end, you won't be paying money if the obligation arose as you have stated, however, you will not be able to stop their harrassment in the short term. If you want to discuss this further, I can have an attorney in our firm speak with you if you want to move forward. Corey Rabin, Esq. 914-948-2222 x101

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  • Do I need a disclaimer for a series of yoga cards I am creating for kids?

    These are cards that teachers and parents will use to encourage kids to do yoga positions. They have photos of the yoga poses with a name and description. They contain "suggested" activities. I have looked at similar products that have no disclaim...

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    Thank you for contacting me with your question. While not something that is legally a requirement, it would be advisable to include language on the card to let users know there are risks and considerations to be aware of before following the instructions on the card. I looked at some sample approaches used by other online vendors and found a good example of thoughtful disclaimer language at the following link: In the event that you want to discuss this further, feel free to contact me at 914-948-2222 x101. Corey Rabin, Esq.

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