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John M. Crane

John Crane’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Sell Your Home... All by Yourself

    Introduction As a New York attorney, I am amazed that in buying a home, typically the largest investment most people ever make, that they consult with non-professionals before ever consulting with th

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  • Understanding Your Credit Scores… and their impact on your interest rates!

    Overview Anyone who has bought a home can attest to the stress caused by the loan approval process. Once the closing is over, most purchasers feel a huge sense of relief. Often, the stress release

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  • Cover Your Assets: Credit and Asset Protection During a Divorce

    What do I do now? How did this happen? The decision to get divorced is probably the most heart wrenching decision a person will ever make, so it is logical that what happens after the decision will be traumatic. As a person who has been through a traumatic divorce, let me say tha...

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