Having gone to the NYC-based Tenzer Greenblatt firm in 2000 for matrimonial representation I found myself pawned off to Ms. Liberman by big-shot boss, Stan Lotwin. Ms. Liberman immediately jumped into the matrimonial fray in Westchester County; a court system she had about as much familiarity with as a first-time American driver in Paris. She succeeded in having rings run around her by the "locals" who represented my ex-wife. Her "Napoleonic"
strategic insights into how to handle the case ultimately resulted in a loss of life savings and eventual Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Her coup de grace, so to speak, was to have me agree to have New York State Child Support Standards
(CSS) waived; in fact, allowing the court to set a needlessly high monthly support payment which could not vary with changes in my income. This was so set in stone that a petition for a downward modification was dismissed out of hand in Family Court, citing the waiving of aforementioned CSS standards.
In retrospect, it was clear that Ms. Liberman and her firm were intent on ending representation, since it was clear that I was having trouble paying their inflated bills. An attorney of my acquaintance, not too long ago, having reviewed Ms. Liberman's work in this regard mentioned it was too bad the statute of limitations had passed, since I probably should have filed a lawsuit for legal malpractice.