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Carl Scott Spector

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  • New York Department of Motor Vehicle Chemical Test Refusal Hearing

    Useful information for motorists that are facing a DMV Chemical Test refusal hearing. What to expect on your first appearance at the DMV. How many times will I have to appear at the DMV? Does the m

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  • New Jersey Possession Of Marijuana FAQ Page

    If you are charged with one of the following charges, as well as some others, you may be eligible for a Conditional Discharge and therefore not have to worry about a criminal conviction. These charges are: - Possession of Marijuana 2C:35-10(a)(4) - Use or under the influence of C...

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  • How to Chose A New York DWI Lawyer - How Do We Make A Difference

    Our attorneys know that every client is different, every DWI in New York is different but one thing is always the same. Clients want and deserve the highest quality legal representation. How do we do it and why this should be important to you.1. We take the time with you to under...

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  • New Jersey DWI Roadblocks - Sobriety Checkpoint Information

    Law enforcement agencies around the state of New Jersey including Bergen, Essex, Union, Passaic, Hudson and Morris Counties, etc. all use sobriety checkpoints to enforce DWI and DUI laws throughout the state. These roadblocks or checkpoints are set up at predetermined fixed locat...

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  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Arrest in New York - What's My Next Step?

    DWI / DUI - Take one step at a time Take a deep breath and compose yourself. It is not the end of the world, even if it feels like it is right now. Take a few moments to educate yourself. There ar

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  • Whether the Police Officer's Failure to Read You Your Miranda Warnings Voids Your Arrest?

    No Miranda Warnings Given - No Statement Taken If the police have a suspect in custody or under arrest they do not have to inform that person of their constitutional rights to remain silent UNLESS th

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