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Adam L Rothenberg

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  • What to Do When You’re Injured on an Amusement Park or Carnival Ride in New Jersey

    Summer is a time for having fun at amusement parks, carnivals, and local fairs. Although these places are often a source of fun and enjoyment, people do occasionally suffer injuries while on amusement

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  • Charitable Immunity in New Jersey

    New Jersey offers protection from lawsuitsagainst Charitable orgnanizations. This statutory protection prohibits recovery against the charitable organization. While there are exceptions and a statute which allows recovery up to $250,000 against a hospital, it serves to bar most c...

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  • Filing a Tort Claims Notice in New Jersey for Claims against Public Entities

    TORT CLAIMS ACT NOTICE FOR NON-CLIENTS In the State of New Jersey there is a Statute known as Title 59, which covers any action against a public entity. Pursuant to that Statute you MUST send a certified letter to any public entity and employee that you may feel is responsible f...

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