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Barry Robert Eichen

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  • Should I speak with a slip and fall aty?

    Wife was holding daughter while crossing the street. 1/3/2014. Fell on ice. Returned home noticed bump on daughters head and went to hospital, Daughter had fractured skull, wife had a broken elbow. No police were called to the scene and went to ...

    Barry’s Answer

    Very sorry to hear your daughter suffered such an injury. You may have a viable claim, but the issue of liability will be fact specific. You should immediately set up a consultation with an attorney. Most firms offer free consultations for this type of case.

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  • I am in NJ. Can I sue my former IVF doctor for damages?

    Under his care I suffered 8 miscarriages, which I was told was because I had "bad eggs". We used all four of our insurance paid IVF retrievals, and then paid out of pocket to have a "donor egg IVF" since they said my eggs were the problem. I again...

    Barry’s Answer

    you have standing.the better question is will the cost of the litigation vs any jury award make it difficult to pursue the case.

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