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Greggory M Marootian

Greggory Marootian’s Legal Guides

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  • NJ DWI Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) Applications

    Challenging a NJ DWI guilty plea or verdict through post-conviction relief (PCR). Post-Conviction Relief Generally Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) refers generally to an application seeking to: 1. Prohi

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  • New Jersey DWI Frequently Asked Questions

    If I lose, and my license is suspended, can I get a special license to go back and forth to work? No, New Jersey, unlike most every other State, does not allow for work licenses. Is there a differenc

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  • What To Do If You Receive A New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Scheduled Suspension Notice.

    A Court can suspend a New Jersey driver's license. This usually occurs after a guilty finding (either though plea or following a trial) to a traffic offense. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (the "NJ MVC" - formerly known as the NJ DMV) can also (independently) suspend a l...

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  • Looking For A New Jersey DWI Lawyer? What Your Lawyer Might Not Want You To Know

    He Has Limited Knowledge Of New Jersey DWI Law. Smart Money magazine published an article called “10 Things Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You.” Among the "10 Things" was that the lawyer does not know the ar

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