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William F Dow

William Dow’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Dow representation was one of the largest regrests of my life

    I hired this attorney based upon the good word of another attorney. Let me tell you that Dow is a horrible human being and a worse attorney. He will quickly put your neck into a preosecutors hands. He never fights. At one time he must have been a great attorney. He is old, worn out, calloused and distrustful. He has anger issues and is anunhappy human being who is in need of psychological help. He scrweams and curses unprofessionally. He has no ambition ,degtermination,and vigor to fightr a case. He ios an assebly line of cooperationto which you will get little or anything out of. This is why prosecutors love the man. He does the prosecution for the governmnet. Stay away from such behavior and lookk for a young fighter who went to a good school with good grades. This guy is washed up. He is like an old baseball player hanging on too long when his performance is horrible. Why is he hanging on, his firm broke up and he is hurting for money. Dont be misled. All his qualifications are from a long time ago. Time to look for a good man, dont look to Dow, this is my opinion from my experience. Good luck, best wishes if you need help