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Bajrovic v Fitzgerald

Case Conclusion Date: 11.16.2006

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: Jury Verdict - $198,000

Description: Defendant Fitzgerald attempted to make a left-hand turn across oncoming lane without making sure right of way was clear. He crashed into car driven by Mr. Bajrovic; Ms. Bajrovic was a front seat passenger in the car. Ms. Bajrovic sustained soft-tissue injuries to her left neck and left lower back, a laceration and superficial nerve injury to her left leg, and suffered PTSD. (Mr. Bajrovic sustained only minor injuries, which soon healed). Ms. Bajrovic and her family had emigrated from Bosnia in 1997 and spoke little English. Before trial, the defense "conceded liability," but disputed the damages caused by the crash. Before trial, the plaintiff injured her right arm and right shoulder at work, and was out of work because of these work-related (non MVA -related) injuries as of the time of the trial. The defendant's insurance carrier offered $50,000 shortly before trial, and then $100,000 during trial. After a 4-day trial, the Chittenden County Vermont jury returned a verdict totaling $198,000 in favor of the Bajrovics ( $180,000 for Ms. Bajrovic and $18,000 to Mr. Bajrovic for his loss of consortium claim).

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