Very poor performance, did nothing that I asked of him, did not show up at court hearings, most the time that he did show up he would ask me what we were there for. Let this divorce case drag out for two years when we I was never married in the end I got a divorce and the last thing
Anthony said to me was he still was not convinced we were ever married!! this comes after I lost my house/property that was solely in my name I paid for the appraisal and the taxes, lost my child to this man who has a criminal history of domestic abuse. Anthony allowed my x to keep his bank accounts solely in his name but with my money in it, he was also allowed to keep his tools etc. I was fined and had 14 days to pay the fine for selling my house or go to jail. Fine was paid to him on time but not to x's husband on time. Bottom line is I came out with a whopping 20% of what is marital property if there was a marriage. I could go on and on about the mistakes made