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Ryan Lansing Russman

Ryan Russman’s Legal Guides

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  • Are You A Multiple DWI Offender?

    If you have been convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) more than once in New Hampshire, you will be sentenced under very specific state laws requiring mandatory jail time and completion of a Multiple Offender Program (MOP). If youve been convicted of a second DWI more than...

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  • Hit by a driver with no car insurance?

    You left for work at your regular time, thinking about the day ahead. It never occurred to you that youd never make it there. You got rear-ended by a tailgater when traffic suddenly halted. With a totaled car and you in the hospital, the State Police informed you that the offendi...

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  • Arrested for a DWI: The Initial Process

    In your rearview mirror you catch a glimpse of blue and red lights and quickly recognize the sound of a siren. You?ve had a few drinks and know this encounter will not end well. Although it?s extremely difficult, you should try to remain calm and courteous and try not to give t...

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  • Sobering Statistics on DWI in New Hampshire

    The good news is that statistics on DWI reported by the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) for 2007-2008, showed a 9.7% reduction in drunken driving fatalities in the United States. Early reports for 2009-2010 look more promising. The bad news, acco...

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  • New Hampshire Felony Process

    If you're charged with a felony in New Hampshire, one of your first appearances will be at the District Court. The State will put on a small case where they must show they have enough information to present to a grand jury. So what exactly does this process involve and when is ba...

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  • Hearings Examination Room Process

    What is the hearings examination room and how does the examiner determine if your New Hampshire drivers license should be taken away? What Constitutional rights and rules of evidence do you have? You'll be surprised to find out as Ryan Russman walks viewers through the New Hampsh...

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  • Booking Process for a DWI Arrest in New Hampshire

    If you're arrested for a DWI in New Hampshire, what happens when you are taken into the police station for your booking? First you'll be asked basic information about yourself (name, address) and then will be asked if you will submit to taking a breath test. Watch the video as Ne...

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