Not qualified for case. Extremely unethical business practice and also cheated me out of money. Completely out of practice area. Either completely incompetant and deceptive/ I am not sure what he thought he was representing me for. He made a collossal financial mess of my case and failed to file appropriate motions in court or to hire professionals to go to court on my case. Misrepresented his practice areas to me. Did not file claims for damages in appropriate courts and also failed to recover money that was misappropriated. Caused me tax liabilities/ not responsive to me or other professionals. He never filed any formal representation in any court and did not formally resign from the case. Abruptly walked off and failed to communicate or to respond in any manner. Complete lack of knowledge on legal issues or command of complex financial matters. Caused further financial losses as well as seperating me from prior representation that I had already paid for the same thing. There seems to have been a lot of deception as well as collusion between lawyers as well as taking complete advantage of me and financially abusing me. Not one to have anything to do with money/ finance. Did not do what he was paid to do. It is unclear what he thought he represented me on; there was no arbitration and he told me he did arbitration. He clearly did not follow my instructions.. He will not provide receipts of cash I gave him for payment or documentation on what he did. Not familiar with probate court at all or financial statements. There was clearly some sort of deception occurring as the recepionist at the law firm he is sffilated with repeatedly hung the phone up when confronted. He also never conducted business meetings in an ofice at this lawfirm-- choosing to meet me at random restaurant location... Very, very peculiar business practices that cost me a lot of money.