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  • Is it possible to sue the FBI or the federal government for violating the 4th, 5th, and 9th amendment rights?

    They put a tiny speaker inside my head right by my eardrum they can hear my mental thoughts for a federal investigation. I believe it violates my 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure because they are investigating me for mur...

    Keith’s Answer

    In the highly unlikely event that you can prove such an act by a Federal agency, you could bring such a suit. However, there is no "9th amendment right to privacy."

    I suspect, however, that - as speakers do not "hear" anything, still less thoughts - the professional you require require is not a lawyer, but a psychiatrist.

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  • Marriage to an non citizen for green card?

    Hello, I want to know what would be the best way to start the process for the green card for my boyfriend who is currently in living in Mexico. My questions are: If the marriage is to be in the US with what kind of visa should he come in with? And...

    Keith’s Answer

    1. As you are still a minor, you cannot petition for him.

    2. The scenario you present smacks of "green-card marriage" and all the problems such a marriage presents.

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  • How do I remove a man's name from birth certificate and put my stepfathers name (Texas)?

    My bio father never paid child support, kidnapped my older brother and never let my mother see him. I am 55 years old, my brother and mother are dead and bio dad is just now denying I am his. I just found out my aunt (his sister) whom I was very c...

    Keith’s Answer

    You cannot legally, unilaterally alter your own birth certificate.

    As regards your aunt's estate, it is unlikely you would inherit unless named in the will. If you have evidence there was a will, and you were named in it, you would need to present that evidence in probate court.

    Use Avvo or the TX bar associations to find an attorney near you if you really wish to pursue this.

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  • My husband and I agreed on a do it yourself divorce and then he went and got a lawyer and had the paper filed without me

    My husband and I have been apart for 5 months, we have been co parenting the children and had agreed on all the terms for the divorce. I don't have a job because I was a homemaker almost our whole 6 years of marriage and he left me carless. After ...

    Keith’s Answer

    You need to retain counsel to protect your interests, starting with the filing of temporary orders and a request that all funds spend on the cruise and party be accounted for, and that he pay for your counsel.

    Time is NOT on your side - act quickly. Use Avvo and the GA bar association to find an attorney near you.

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  • At my mother's estate myself and a friend with her dog visiting me the dog chained to a 6"X8" wooden support beam,

    the dog pulled the beam from cement foundation snapped the chain attacked other dog, I physically forced the dog to release other dog by punching the dog, the dog released then attacked me the owner took her dog into the garage, i rendered aid to ...

    Keith’s Answer

    You fail to state where this "other dog" was at the time of the attack. That is a key fact.

    You may wish to notify your mother's homeowner's insurance carrier, if you have not already. If it will not provide representation, you will need to retain counsel.

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  • Several neighbors filed sworn affidavits with animal control, the dogs were seized and owner arrested, now shes harassing us. we

    she was charged with2 counts of known attack dog, the dogs were labeled dangerous, they then got out again,.and charged at a woman on her own property, busted the screen trying to get to her. she was unharmed, the dog owner was subsequently arres...

    Keith’s Answer

    Document all such incidents, take screen shots of the FB pages, and notify the police of the trespass and vandalism.

    Game cameras are very useful and not that expensive. You might wish to by one or two.

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  • I Appealed a dangerous dog finding in Calif. Trial de novo. I am now Plaintiff. What am I supposed to be proving? A negative?

    In clearly self evident violation of the article 2 sec 12 of Calif. constitution, the City, like many others contracts with a private corporation, an (IN)humane society to provide "animal control". The poorly trained employees (kids) of this pri...

    Keith’s Answer

    If you are appealing, you are the appellant; not the plaintiff.

    If it is trial de novo, you get a second bite at the apple refuting the government's case against you.

    This time, use an attorney.

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  • Neighbors dog attacked my dog

    A husky was loose for weeks and came in my yard and attacked my small house dog. I have thousands in vet bills and the owner is refusing to pay..they had also received a citation from animal control bc they had already been warned ..they rent thei...

    Keith’s Answer

    Document ALL costs arising from the attack and send COPIES of each invoice, with a demand letter, to the dog's irresponsible owner by Certified Mail/Return Receipt.

    When he ignores you, take your documents, including the cert. mail card and slip, to your hearing after filing in small claims.

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  • What is "the greater good"?

    A town committee is attempting to bypass zoning regulations by arguing "the greater good". Are there criteria for this argument? Can it be countered? I'm a direct abutter and will be adversely affected and I'm not even what what type of lawyer ca...

    Keith’s Answer

    IF a committee is actually acting in derogation of zoning law, you would have standing to speak at the hearing on the application, and to appeal the decision.

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