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Robert W. Kovacs Jr.

Robert Kovacs’s Legal Guides

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  • Debt Collectors Harassing Phone Calls – How Many are too Many?

    Massachusetts Rules on Phone calls from Creditors In Massachusetts creditors, the original creditor, a debt collector agent or attorney for the creditor, are not permitted to call a debtor more than

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  • Eliminating a Second Mortgage or Equity Line of Credit and keeping your Home.

    What you can do Debtors filing chapter 13 bankruptcies may be able to eliminate their obligation to repay their second mortgage and still retain their home. How it works In order for to eliminate the

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  • Home Loan Modification in Bankruptcy

    History Currently, in bankruptcy a loan securing property can be modified through the bankruptcy process with some exceptions, this is referred to as a “cram down.” A cram down works as follows: Let

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