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Traverse City Has 9 Wrongful Death Attorneys With 25 Reviews

Douglas E Fierberg

The Fierberg National Law Group
201 E Seventeenth St., Suite A, Traverse City, MI
6 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 35 years
More than 30 years ago, Douglas E. Fierberg expanded his Washington D.C. – based trial practice to establish the only legal practice representing school violence victims and survivors nationwide. The work began on behalf of a high school student w...

Timothy P. Smith

Smith and Johnson, P.C.
603 Bay St, PO Box 705, Traverse City, MI
4 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.9
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 30 years
Smith & Johnson, Attorneys PC - Northern Michigan's Wrongful Death specialists
Practice area 15% Wrongful Death, 25% Brain Injury, 25% Personal Injury and more
Cost Free Consultation Some lawyers offer a free consultation to help determine whether their services are right for your legal needs 60 minutes  • Hourly Rates,  $290-300 per hour  • Contingency A contingency fee is the percent of the final award a lawyer will receive as compensation. For some of these cases, lawyers will only be paid if there is a successful outcome 33%-40%  • Retainer A retainer is an advance payment to a lawyer for services the lawyer will provide. As the lawyer provides the services, they deduct their fees from the retainer Sometimes  • Pro Bono "Pro bono" is Latin for "for the public good." An attorney who is working pro bono is working for free. Attorneys often work pro bono to help people with limited resources or to further social causes they support. 10 %
License MI, Active since 1993


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Ryann S. Embury

Miller Embury, PLLC
12930 S West Bay Shore Dr, Traverse City, MI
9 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.9
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 18 years
Ryann concentrates his practice in the area of plaintiff's personal injury law, representing individuals injured in auto accidents, wrongful death matters, premises liability actions, and product liability cases. Ryann also practices as an experie...

Matthew Lee Benedict

Matthew Benedict Esq.
618 Clyde Lee Drive, Traverse City, MI
5 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.6
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 22 years
My free time is spent with my wife and two chidlren.

Heidi M. Hodek

Ranieri Hanley & Hodek, PLC
4020 Copper View., Suite 225, Traverse City, MI
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.8
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 13 years
It's not your job to worry about insurance issues after an injury. That's why you hire an attorney who cares about you and takes care of the legal things so you can focus on getting better. You are not a paycheck, you are a person. An insurance co...

Jonathon N. Fazzola

The Fierberg National Law Group, PLLC
201 E Seventeenth St., Suite A, Traverse City, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.4
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 14 years
Jonathon N. Fazzola represents clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases across the country. Mr. Fazzola has extensive experience representing victims of fraternity hazing, school shootings, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. ...

Bailor B. Bell

The Fierberg Natonal Law Group, PLLC
201 E Seventeenth Street, Suite A, Traverse City, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.4
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 9 years
Bailor B. Bell represents clients in serious personal injury cases – including survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment – and wrongful death matters, as well as probate litigation and administration. Before joining the firm, Mr. Bell pra...

Maurice A. Borden

Sondee Racine & Doren PLC
310 West Front Street Suite 300, Traverse City, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 8.0
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 41 years
Civil litigation, insurance defense, insurance coverage and appellate attorney providing legal services to individuals, businesses and insurers in Michigan. Litigation practice includes contract disputes, negligence actions, construction defect ca...

Bradley L. Putney

Putney Zayaz
810 Business Park Dr, Traverse City, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.5
Wrongful Death Lawyer Licensed for 28 years

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