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2 lawyers specializing in Medical Malpractice are available in the Rutland, VT area.

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Rutland Has 2 Medical Malpractice Attorneys With 8 Reviews

Tristan C. Larson

Larson & Gallivan Law, PLC
128 Merchants Row, Suite 405, Rutland, VT
7 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.4
Medical Malpractice Lawyer Licensed for 20 years
I spend a lot of time thinking about justice, and what that means for the regular people of Vermont. Justice is about personal responsibility. Justice means that those who cause harm, whether on purpose or by carelessness, should do whatever is po...

Thomas Crawford Bixby

Law Offices of Thomas C. Bixby, LLC
26 West St, Rutland, VT
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.6
Medical Malpractice Lawyer Licensed for 25 years
Review: IFound Thomas Bixby to be the most supportive caring Lawyer and council directing me in the utmost professional manner (unlike his opponent). He treats you as if you were his family through and through. I can not say enough about the positive expe...


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