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Bellefonte Has 6 Litigation Attorneys With 2 Reviews

Sean Patrick McGraw

Centre County District Attorney's Office
106 E High St Rm 302, Centre County District Attorneys Office Room 302, Bellefonte, PA
1 review
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 25 years
Review: McGraw was really great lawyer. He took the time to understand every detail of my case, and spent a lot of time preparing me for court. McGraw was tough in court, but very well respected by the judge, I could not have asked for a better result. He...

Michael Stanley Levandoski

Miller, Kistler & Campbell
124 North Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA
1 review Avvo Rating: 7.2
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 11 years
Michael S. Levandoski practices extensively in all areas of real estate. As a Licensed Title Agent, Michael has guided numerous buyers and sellers through the real estate closing process. He understands that the tall stack of closing documents can...


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John Randall Miller

Miller, Kistler & Campbell
124 N Allegheny St, Bellefonte, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 9.0
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 50 years
John R. Miller, III is a native of Centre County who grew up as an attorney's son, so it was only natural that John would want to be an attorney too. He focuses his practice on real estate, estate planning, and estate administration matters, in ad...

Adam James Witmer

Dietrich Witmer LLC
221 West High Street, Suite 900, Bellefonte, PA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 7.5
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 20 years

Robert Allan Mix

Lee,Green &Reiter,Inc
115 East High Street, Bellefonte, PA
Not yet reviewed
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 51 years

Kelley Gillette-Walker

Litigation Attorney near Bellefonte (State College)
Not yet reviewed
Litigation Lawyer Licensed for 23 years

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