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What a Licensing lawyer can do for you

A licensing attorney can create the legal framework to protect your ownership of your patent, trademark, or copyright. Intellectual property licensing lawyers create licensing contracts for individuals or businesses that have created original works, and they will help maximize the revenue gained from licensing these products. These attorneys can also help you defend allegations of copyright infringement and the subsequent litigation.

Why hire a Licensing attorney

If you are a copyright, trademark, or patent owner and someone wants to use, for example, your artwork, trademarked slogan, or patented invention, you may benefit from the services of a licensing attorney. Licensing attorneys write contracts that protect your intellectual property rights. These agreements specify how someone may use your property and how much you will be paid for such use. For example, can they use it for one year or ten years? Can they use it only in Illinois or can they use it around the world? Can they share your property with others? A licensing lawyer can help you answer all of these questions. They can also specify the recourse available to you if someone violates the licensing agreement. Licensing attorneys know the words to use that will best protect your intellectual property.

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The top 5 receiving offices for patent applications in 2010 are as follows: 1. United States 2. China 3. Japan 4. Republic of Korea 5. European Patent Office