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What a Juvenile lawyer can do for you

A juvenile law attorney is trained at representing children under the age of eighteen in the juvenile criminal and civil court systems, and also at keeping juvenile crimes sealed from public record. The juvenile legal system is a separate justice system than the one for adults, and minors have certain privileges such as having their parents present during police questioning, or having a juvenile attorney appointed for them during contentious divorce proceedings. A juvenile law attorney will help make sure that a child's rights are fully advocated and protected.

Why hire a Juvenile law attorney

Juvenile law applies to young children and teenagers—usually defined as less than eighteen years old, depending on the state. Minors accused of breaking the law are processed under a juvenile justice system. This system is completely separate from the one used for adults, and the penalties involved are usually far less severe than in the adult system. Juvenile law also carries certain protections that do not apply to adults; for example, names are kept confidential and parents can be present during police questioning. A lawyer who specializes in juvenile law will help minors understand the juvenile justice system and present their defense in juvenile court.

Did you know?

Approximately 250,000 juveniles are tried, sentenced, or incarcerated as adults every year in the United States.