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What an Insurance Fraud lawyer can do for you

A skilled insurance fraud lawyer will defend your case if you are accused of making a false insurance claim. If you are indicted for committing insurance fraud, such as deliberately faking an injury to illegally collect money from your insurance company, an experienced insurance fraud attorney will litigate on your behalf. A skilled lawyer will protect your reputation against the charge and set the record straight before the court.

Why hire an Insurance fraud attorney

Insurance fraud occurs when someone lies about an injury or loss to collect money from an insurance company. If you are accused of making a false insurance claim, you want to contact an insurance fraud lawyer. For example, if you make a claim for physical therapy treatments for a bad back and your insurance company first pays for the therapy, but then claims you never had the treatments, you may need to talk to a medical insurance fraud attorney. Likewise, if another driver totals your car but your insurance company insists the accident was your fault, you need to talk with an auto insurance fraud lawyer.

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Did you know?

10 years - The maximum sentence in prison that an individual can get for healthcare insurance fraud that doesn't include bodily injury or death.