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Advertising and Advanced Analytics

Present your firm to the right clients with targeted advertising, optimized with performance data.

Increase your growth by targeting your message to the right consumers

Customized ad options to maximize your exposure - and new clients
Sponsored listing

Avvo sponsored listings position you at the top of directory pages when consumers search for attorneys, browse relevant questions asked by consumers and read expert articles by lawyers.

These premium placements gain the most interest and provide flexibility to customize your advertising message, show multiple contact methods and highlight profile information not available in our standard directory listings.

Display advertising

Create an emotional connection with your target audience using static or animated display advertising, or both. Ads are customizable to include your desired image, clear message about your legal services and highly visible contact information.

Like sponsored listings, display ads position you throughout the site and at the top of our most popular pages.

Ad Tracking
See the source of your best engagements with ad tracking and contact details
Ad tracking

Your Avvo Advertising includes the option to have unique numbers on your ads for different geographic areas, practice areas and creative messaging. Your Avvo specialist will customize your tracking set-up to show you where calls come from. Maximize your new client business and advertising value with ad tracking.

Contact history

See your detailed contact reporting, including all contacts by date and time, type of contact and source of Avvo service. Access messages directly from your report. All data can be downloaded for further analysis on performance.

Advanced Analytics
Optimize performance with your personal advanced analytics dashboard

Avvo Advertising includes advanced analytics to help optimize your advertising and maximize your return on investment. Your personalized dashboard shows all aspects of your performance on including advertising and non-advertising sources.

  • The percentage, by category, of exposure you received across

  • How many contacts, by type, you received on Avvo

  • Your best performing ad markets and spend by practice area

Increase your marketing effectiveness

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