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Pulaski Has 10 Family Attorneys With 16 Reviews

Robert D Massey

Law Office of Robert D. Massey
211 West Madison Street, PO Box 409, Pulaski, TN
7 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.9
Family Lawyer Licensed for 41 years
Since 1983 Bob Massey has been trying cases mostly in the southern Middle Tennessee area in both state and federal courts. During five of those years (1987-1992) he served as the Public Defender for the 22nd Judicial District. He is active in both...

John Christopher Williams

The Williams Law & Mediation Group
120 N 2nd St, Pulaski, TN
5 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.7
Family Lawyer Licensed for 24 years
Chris Williams helps families, businesses and governments get to where they want to be. His office believes that their client's success determines their own success. No matter how complex or simple your family matter, divorce, child custody or lit...


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Rebecca Sue Parsons

118 South Second Street, PO Box 333, Pulaski, TN
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.3
Family Lawyer Licensed for 13 years
Review: I had Ms. Parsons involved with a very complicated divorce. I could not be more pleased with her professionalism and zealous representation of my interests.

Rogers Nelson Hays

Rogers N. Hays Attorney at Law
209 West Madison St, Po Box 409, Pulaski, TN
Not yet reviewed
Family Lawyer Licensed for 55 years

Timothy Patrick Underwood

119 S 1st St, Po Box 458, Pulaski, TN
1 review
Family Lawyer Licensed for 26 years
Review: Did exactly what he told me and case ended just like he said it would.

Samuel Bradley Garner

134 N 2nd St, Pulaski, TN
1 review
Family Lawyer Licensed for 50 years
Review: Sam has been very good to me since 1999! He has always kept be abreast of what is going on with my cases, and has done an excellent job keeping my drivers on the road so they can continue supporting their families. Thank you Sam!

Robert Wesley Laxson

211 W Madison St, Pulaski, TN
1 review Avvo Rating: 5.6
Family Lawyer Licensed for 2 years
Review: Mr. Laxson fought against one of the biggest named lawyers in our area and the Department of Children Services to get us our grandkids. He was very patient with my emotions and made sure I understand what was happening and why every step of the wa...

Mary Agnes Gabbett

134 N 2nd St, Po Box 288, Pulaski, TN
Not yet reviewed
Family Lawyer Licensed for 22 years

Teresa Brewer Campbell

115 N 1st St, Pulaski, TN
Not yet reviewed
Family Lawyer Licensed for 11 years

Evan Phillip Baddour

123 S 1st St, Pulaski, TN
Not yet reviewed
Family Lawyer Licensed for 5 years

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