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Lodi, CA Family Lawyers

6 lawyers specializing in Family are available in the Lodi, CA area.

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Lodi has 6 Family Attorneys with 16 Reviews

  • headshot

    Erica Michelle Bansmer

    Bansmer Law
    1812 W Kettleman Ln #1, Lodi, CA
    16 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.7 
    Family Lawyer Licensed for 15 years
    For over 10 years, Mrs. Bansmer has been practicing law and providing legal services in the areas of Divorce and Family Law. She has a degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of California-Davis. She received her Juris Doctorate fro...
  • Steven John Cottrell

    125 N Pleasant Ave, Lodi, CA
    Not yet reviewed
    Family Lawyer Licensed
  • Julianne Rachael Kay

    2250 Scarborough Dr # 13, Lodi, CA
    Not yet reviewed
    Family Lawyer Licensed
  • headshot

    Sasha Denise Sloup

    Snider Diehl, Sloup & Rasmussen LLP
    1111 W Tokay St, Lodi, CA
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 6.2 
    Family Lawyer Licensed for 10 years
  • headshot

    Randy Dale Roxson

    Law Office of Randy D. Roxson, P.C.
    1930 Tienda Drive, Suite 106, Lodi, CA
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 6.8 
    Family Lawyer Licensed for 27 years
    I have been licensed as an Attorney at Law with the State Bar of California since 1996. I am licensed to practice law in the California state courts and the 9th Circuit of the Federal Court, Eastern District. In 2006, I retired from the California...
  • Sheryl Sumiko Vieira

    Family Attorney near Lodi (Stockton)
    Not yet reviewed
    Family Lawyer Licensed

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