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Overland Park Has 8 Expungement Attorneys With 118 Reviews

Robert C. Gigstad

Gigstad Law Office, LLC
8000 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS
63 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 13 years
Robert C. Gigstad, Attorney at Law, Specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, and Traffic cases in Kansas. Selected by Super Lawyers for the last 5 years.

Adam Dietrich Stolte

Adam D. Stolte
6900 College Blvd, Ste. 525, Overland Park, KS
13 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 11 years
I have extensive experience working in Kansas appellate courts, providing an in-depth understanding of the Kansas criminal justice system. I can use my knowledge and experience in the courts to put together a strong defense for any criminal charge...


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Mark David Hagen

Hagen Law Offices, LLC
8645 College Blvd, Suite 220, Overland Park, KS
12 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.9
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 25 years
Mark Hagen focuses exclusively on criminal and traffic law, and he can handle any sort of case within that umbrella. His criminal defense services include: DUI/DWI Driving with a suspended license Assault and battery Shoplifting, theft, and larcen...

Carey Leonard Fleske

8000 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.3
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 18 years
Carey Fleske grew up in Great Bend, Kansas and graduated from Great Bend High School. He received his B.A. from the University of Kansas, and his J.D. from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. After he received his degree he began his legal ...

Christopher Lee Kalberg

Kalberg Law Office LLC
7500 College Blvd., 5th Fl (Main Office), Overland Park, KS
5 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.1
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 21 years
I believe in delivering personal attention and outstanding service for each of my clients. While certainly important, the practice of criminal defense is more than simply filing the appropriate motions and handling the technical part of the legal ...

Patrick Michael Lewis

Expungement Attorney near Overland Park (Olathe)
19 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 35 years
I have always considered it an honor to defend people accused of crimes. The power of the government to destroy a person's life by making false and unsubstantiated charges is truly horrible. In a truly just society people would be able to defend t...

Vincent James Rivera

Expungement Attorney near Overland Park (Olathe)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.3
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 14 years
The reasons I chose to be a Kansas criminal defense lawyer are difficult to put into words. It’s the feeling I get when I see somebody’s car pulled over and they watch helplessly as their property is searched. I wonder: was there a legitimate reas...

Nikolas John Stavropoulos

Expungement Attorney near Overland Park (Olathe)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.2
Expungement Lawyer Licensed for 11 years
Review: We had court on the case he was appointed to me on, we got it continued but i was arrested on a traffic warrant... Nik went out of the way to show up to my traffic court for me without me knowing and helped me get a signature bond! Nik has a big h...

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