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What an Entertainment lawyer can do for you

If you are an entertainer, movie producer, or musician, an entertainment lawyer can assist you with important legal issues, including intellectual property rights. Hiring an entertainment attorney will enable you to negotiate or write your contracts, deal with intellectual property issues, and work on publication deals. Entertainment lawyers serve fields such as film, music, theater, and more. If you are seeking to package your talents for profit, an entertainment attorney can help direct this process.

Why hire an Entertainment attorney

Entertainment lawyers provide services to the entertainment industry, including film, music, television, theater, publishing, visual arts, and multimedia. They also represent sports stars and other celebrities. Entertainment lawyers negotiate and write contracts, deal with intellectual property issues, and practice employment and labor law. For example, entertainment lawyers negotiate and document film stars' compensation, musicians' recording contracts, and authors' publication deals, as well as movie distribution and rights. If you are an entertainer planning to package your talent for profit, an entertainment lawyer will help you navigate the trade.

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Did you know?

Although entertainment lawyers do assist their clients with legal decisions such as contracts, compensation, real estate purchases, etc., entertainment attorneys also use their skills to help further a client's career.