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Saginaw Has 7 Bankruptcy and Debt Attorneys With 14 Reviews

Stacy M. Davis

Breckenridge & Davis, P.C.
827 N Michigan Avenue, Saginaw, MI
8 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.1
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 20 years
Breckenridge & Davis, P.C. is a bankruptcy law firm that specializes in: · Chapter 13 bankruptcy · Chapter 7 bankruptcy · Foreclosure Prevention · Debt resolution We provide legal assistance with: · Stopping Home Foreclosures · Removing second mor...

Michael J Shovan

6620 Weiss Street, Saginaw, MI
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.1 Attention
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 33 years
My client ratings speak for themselves. Any reported professional misconduct was the result of a personal situation. No past client have ever filed any complaint against me. This site does not distinguish between personal misconduct and profession...


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Robert Shelton

Attorney Robert Shelton, PLC
1109 Court St., Saginaw, MI
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.3
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 7 years
Robert earned his Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan's Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2016 and has dedicated his practice to personal bankruptcy ever since. We offer free consultations, a free case evaluation, and affordable payment plans to he...

Peter J. Riebschleger

Peter J Riebschleger P C
4597 State Street, Saginaw, MI
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.6
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 44 years
Review: He did everything he said he would do. I am out of bankruptcy now and purchased another automobile 2 weeks after getting out of bankruptcy. I am so relieved that I did this

Marilyn A. Adamczyk

Thomas W. McDonald, Jr., Standing Ch. 13 Trustee
3144 Davenport Ave, Saginaw, MI
1 review
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 24 years
Review: Went through a bankruptcy years ago and used Marilyn Adamczyk. She was amazing . She helped every inch of the way. I would highly recommended her to anyone that has to go through bankruptcy.

Corey David Grandmaison

Braun Kendrick Finkbeiner, PLC
4301 Fashion Square Blvd., Saginaw, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 7.2
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 20 years

Jack A. Weinstein

805 S Michigan Ave, Saginaw, MI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.5
Bankruptcy & Debt Lawyer Licensed for 58 years

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