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If you have a legal issue related to the aviation industry (e.g. product liability, wrongful death, injuries from a crash, etc.), an aviation attorney will determine whether you have grounds for a case. There can be many contributing factors in the case of an aviation accident. Aviation lawyers are very familiar with the rules governing aircraft operation, related ground facilities such as airports, and airline flights, and they can investigate the source of the problem, from pilot to the baggage handler, in order to help resolve your situation.

Why hire an Aviation attorney

Aviation law provides rules for operating airplanes and other aircraft, and regulates airline flights. Airport construction, operation, and maintenance are also governed by aviation law. If you are a pilot, aviation law tells you the proper take-off and landing procedures, what to include in flight plans and where to file them, what altitudes to fly at, and whether instrument-only flight is possible. If there is an aviation accident, the person responsible—whether it's the baggage handler, the airplane mechanic, the flight controller, or the pilot—is often easily identified by their failure to follow specified flight procedures. There can be many factors in an aviation accident, so an aviation lawyer is often very helpful.

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Did you know?

Of the known causes of aviation accidents, pilot error was the most common, followed by mechanical failure and then weather.