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  • I got arrested for FLEEING OR ATTEMPTING TO ELUDE POLICE OFFICER? Want is the best defense based on circumstances.

    Tristan’s Answer

    Nobody on here is going to be able to answer an important question like: "what is the best defense," unless they have reviewed the evidence in your case. They are the one with the evidence and that is in communication with the prosecutor. If you don't like the lawyer you have now, you should hire someone you DO trust to fight your case. Good luck.

  • What does it mean when a detective says “you’re suspect & he’s turning a case over to the county with or without my statement?

    Tristan’s Answer

    The best advice anyone can give you: STOP talking to the police. Do not answer questions. Do not make a statement. Whatever evidence they do or do not have, talking to the police is not going to make anything better. Not talking to the police - exercising your right to remain silent - is NOT evidence of anything. The prosecutor cannot go to court and argue to a judge or jury that they know you’re guilty because you did not talk to law enforcement. That would be unconstitutional.

    Let the investigator do whatever they are gonna do. If you’re charged with a crime, hire a lawyer. Until then, politely, but firmly, refuse to make any statement or answer any questions.

  • How does this work?

    Tristan’s Answer

    Sounds like the person you rented it from may have not had legal title to the car. However, you may have a good argument that you lacked the intent to commit UUMV. Fight it. Hire a lawyer you trust to help.

  • He has a bond but no charges his son also was arrested posted bond but has no charges and he has a hold for Oklahoma ?

    Tristan’s Answer

    Look for a lawyer in Oklahoma…that is where he is headed. Good luck.

  • TEXAS has a new law sept 1 that requires you to identify to the police

    Tristan’s Answer

    You must ID if you are lawfully arrested, lawfully detained, or are a person the officer has good cause to believe witnessed a crime.

  • Can parole attorneys get a parolee out on medical release, my sister has bad health & only giving a few years left to live

    Tristan’s Answer

    Most likely not. The TBPP has the ability to permit her to have a bond on the parole revocation while it is pending, but they seldom, if ever do. I know from experience that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will most likely respond that any medical care she needs she can get in jail. I have had clients needing cancer treatment in a similar situation that they would not grant a bond on a the parole revocation.

  • During a parole revocation ?

    Tristan’s Answer

    It really depends on what is the most convenient for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, and cheapest for the state of Texas. Most parole revocations are done remotely now, so they often hold the hearing remotely keeping the inmate wherever they happen to be in custody (whereas before remote hearings they would usually transfer you back to where you were supervised, that has not been the case since they began conducting hearings remotely.

  • Is there a free website to look up active warrants in texas??

    Tristan’s Answer

    A few things to unpack here.

    When you get charged with a new crime while you are on parole, a Motion to Revoke Parole (MTR) may be filed because a term and condition of parole is not to commit any new offenses. This is the “blue warrant.” Unlike other types of arrest warrants, a blue warrant is NOT visible through a warrant check with Texas DPS. It is not public information. BUT, your parole officer, and other law enforcement do see it. You can check with your parole officer - if you have pending charges, there’s an extremely high likelihood a MTR was filed, and blue warrant has been issued.

    When a motion to revoke parole has been filed, your discharge date is no longer your discharge date. Once the MTR was filed, your parole froze. You cannot complete parole with a pending warrant for a motion to revoke parole. You parole warrant cannot “be gone once you hit your discharge date.” It does not work like that. If there is a pending MTR, you will have to resolve it in order to finish parole, AND you may not get credit towards your parole discharge date for any time since the MTR was filed.

    For best results, hire a lawyer on both the criminal charges and the MTR. If the basis of the MTR is the new charges, how they are resolved will have a significant impact on whether your parole is revoked or not.

  • Can a district attorney still prosecute after an alleged victim admits to lying on a defendant?

    Tristan’s Answer

    If you want to help your girlfriend, hire her an attorney. If the DA thinks they can prove their case, they can prosecute it. Regardless of how the story may change. Hire her an attorney and work with her attorney to get her charges dismissed. That will be more effective than hoping the DA will just do the right thing.

  • I was charged with a class c felony with strangulation empendace on a family member about 6 months ago and the charge was dismis

    Tristan’s Answer

    The protective order lasts 60-days, but many courts impose a bond condition prohibiting contact with complaining parties while the case is going on. Make sure if that is the case, you do not jeopardize your bond by having any prohibited contact.

    What to do? Plead not guilty, hire a lawyer and fight your case. Even a class A misdemeanor is up to a year in jail - make sure you choose a lawyer you trust to win your case. Good luck!