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Bradley Alan Keffer

Bradley Keffer’s Answers

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  • Will by boyfriend get prison time?

    Bradley’s Answer

    While Trespassing is far from the most serious property crime in Indiana, it can still run the chance of an executed sentence if you are convicted. However, no lawyer can tell you if your boyfriend will get prison time without having familiarity with his case.

    Factors that are considered when sentences are imposed can include the facts of the case and his criminal history. I recommend talking with a lawyer in more detail in person about this case if you are concerned and would like a second opinion.

  • How can I get a F6 Auto Theft Warrant recalled and not go to jail?

    Bradley’s Answer

    It is possible for an attorney to ask for a warrant to be recalled on behalf of a client, but there is no guarantee that the a court will grant that request. Regardless, it will not change the fact that you have a pending case that will need to be fought. Hire an experienced attorney, provide him with a copy of that text message, and do not go it alone.

  • Is it legal for an officer to pull you over based on running your plates and find that the viechle owner has a learner's permit?

    Bradley’s Answer

    It can be. Learner permit driving, while governed by the same traffic laws, subjects the permitted driver to other regulations. I would recommend you contact an attorney to discuss your situation in greater detail. Remember, depending on the infraction and how your ticket gets resolved, the BMV could issue administrative penalties like a license suspension or fees.

  • What is the legal age of sexual consent in Indiana?

    Bradley’s Answer

    There are many laws effecting sex and sex-related interactions between adults and minors, and this can be a potentially dangerous area of interaction for for the adult (even “adult” means someone just slightly older than the minor). Depending on where you are employed, child seduction statutes may apply. Depending if pictures are taken or exchanged, child pornography statutes may apply. I recommend you contact an attorney and walk them through the details of your particular circumstances. I have never advised a client in a legal adult-minor relationship who was aware of all the laws that could apply to that interaction. Be careful.

  • How long does a no contact order last

    Bradley’s Answer

    It depends on the type of no contact order that you have. Traditionally, no contact orders fall into four categories: pre-trial no contact orders, no contact orders as a term of a sentence (usually, as a term of probation), civil no contact orders, and work place no contact orders.

    Pre-trial no contact orders last as long as a case is pending prior to trial. Once the case is resolved, the orders expire. No contact orders as a part of a sentence last as long as they are specified for in the sentence (generally, this is the length of the sentence. The last two (civil and work place) are determined by the judge, and are subject to renewal. Contact the court or review your court order to get that information.

  • My Husband Is in jail on charges that are bogus, and he just lost his job Aug1,2014 . I think someone called in false statement

    Bradley’s Answer

    I did not see a question being presented here. My recommendation is to hire a criminal defense attorney for your husband so that the case against him can be explored and challenged. I would be surprised if there was not more information out there that you are not privy to; given the limited information that law enforcement has provided you. A defense attorney may be able to assist your husband in gaining a full understanding of what law enforcement did, why they did it, and if there are any weaknesses in the case against him.

  • Is my husband going to do jail time for his first offence in Indiana?

    Bradley’s Answer

    Burglary is punishable by executed time in prison, and should always be a serious concern. That being said, the individual facts of the case are very important when assessing the likelihood of such a sentence. His public defender should be discussing his options with him as well as the range of likely penalties should he be convicted. From what you've said, however, there is insufficient information to determine if he will actually go to prison.

  • Is filing for clemency a guarantee for sentence reduction?

    Bradley’s Answer

    Clemency is traditionally a very difficult case to make and is highly fact sensitive. There is never a guarantee that such a request will be granted or will effect the total sentence. I recommend that you speak with an attorney concerning the details of the individual's case. The facts of the case, and its history, will likely effect the price that an attorney would charge. Best of luck.

  • I recently got caught shop lifting seventy plus dollars worth of cosmetics. this is my first offense how much for an attorney

    Bradley’s Answer

    Like all services, there is a broad range of prices that attorneys charge for their services. I recommend that you focus on three main factors when picking an attorney: (1) your personal comfort with the attorney and his/her staff (these are people with whom you are going to be depending and you want to make sure you have a personal comfort with them and their work), (2) the attorney's price fits within your budget (many attorneys will offer payment plans to assist in this regard), and (3) the attorney that you are hiring is familiar with the type of offense that you have been charge with and has appeared in that court before. Best of luck to you.

  • I got arrested in Indiana in January 2014. when sentenced do i get good time under the two for one system or the new 3 for 1

    Bradley’s Answer

    If you were arrested and charged under the old law, then you would be similarly sentenced under it as well. Traditionally, OWI is not a credit restricted classification and someone being sentenced would likely receive day-for-day credit. That being said, I recommend that you speak with your attorney -- if you have one -- concerning the details of your case and how credit time will apply to various level of incarceration (i.e. day reporting, home detention, work release, etc.).