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Smoot, WY Lawyers

Explore a selection of 2 lawyers in Smoot, all of whom have catered to clients facing similar circumstances. Avvo empowers users to make well-informed hiring decisions by providing comprehensive ratings and reviews from past clients in similar legal situations.
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Smoot has 2 Attorneys with 0 Reviews

  • Jared Austin Dunlap

    Attorney near Smoot (Jackson)
    Not yet reviewed
  • James Barry Shupe

    Po Box 624, Smoot, WY
    Not yet reviewed
  • We weren't able to find many lawyers in Smoot. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.


    Dale W. Cottam

    Attorney near Smoot (Afton)
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 9.8 
    Licensed for 30 years
    Dale W. Cottam is a business law attorney at Bailey | Stock | Harmon | Cottam | Lopez LLP with offices in Afton and Cheyenne. He practices all types of business law, including commercial disputes, entity formation, and transactions. Over the cours...
  • headshot

    John D. Bowers

    Attorney near Smoot (Afton)
    8 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.5 
    Licensed for 27 years
    I have handled complex personal injury and complex litigation for 19 years. I am licensed in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. I have protected clients through litigation in State and Federal Courts. When you are your family are injured you need a...
  • Kent Reed Brown

    Attorney near Smoot (Afton)
    3.0 stars 2 reviews
    Review: “Kent Brown is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him. I have known Mr Brown my whole life he is a very good person and care's about his clients.”
  • headshot

    Johnathan Ruel Gordon

    Attorney near Smoot (Afton)
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 6.5 
    Licensed for 13 years
  • Scott Robert Seedall

    Attorney near Smoot (Afton)
    Not yet reviewed

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